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Guilt Free Dining At The Atlantic

Published by Harj Grewal

One of the most common New Years resolutions us Brits make after the indulgent Christmas period is to go on a diet. After all, how else can you repent for all the excess calories consumed over the holidays?

But we’re here to prove that the dreaded diet doesn’t have to be a punishment. And even if you’re counting the calories, it’s still possible to eat out without adding excess pounds to your waistline.

So before you embark on a self-imposed hunger strike, and lock up the last of those Christmas choccies out of sight, here are a few suggestions from us on how you can eat better and STILL enjoy yourself this January.

Swap Your Chip Side For A Salad

Potatoes can be healthy prepared the right way, but when fried up into chips they become a calorific snack that should be avoided by dieters at all costs. You can easily remedy this by opting for a vegetable side dish or salad to accompany your main meal, instead of fries, when eating out in January.

Ditch The Sugary Drinks

One of the quickest ways to cut calories in your daily routine is by ditching any sugary drinks – even diet ones. Each of these drinks contains a hidden helping of sugar that adds calories to your daily intake. And because they’re introduced to your body in liquid form you’re not getting full up either. So drop the sugary drinks immediately and opt for good old calorie-free water instead. It’s better for your skin, hair and nails too.

Swap A Beef Steak For A Tuna One

Red meat is harder for the body to process and even the leanest of steaks served with a sauce is crawling with calories. So cut back on the amount of red meat products you consume and opt for fish that offers a healthy source of protein instead. Just make sure it’s offered grilled as even fish, when deep-fried, can become an unhealthy choice.

Join Us For A Healthy Lunch Or Dinner

If you are watching your weight, that’s no reason to give the Atlantic Hotel and our bistro Sapori a wide berth this January. Our impressive a la carte menu features a host of dishes ideal for those counting the calories. From lighter chicken and tuna options, to super food salads stacked with great ingredients.

Plus every dish on our menu is lovingly prepared to order on site from scratch. We only source and buy the freshest market ingredients, and never serve processed food from our kitchen. So you can be sure that there are no hidden nasties where our dishes are concerned.

To view a sample Sapori dinner menu click here.

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